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Droid and Ford's good friends Lil Blaze and Razablade promoting their tour. Check out Money Bags Records

promoting their tour and new record. Check out Money Bags Records and Entertainment. Love yah Lil Blaze


Super Fun Left Nuggets

We surfed this wave around winter/spring time and got it super fun. Daniel Shea and Droid ripping in this left.


Good Waves Around OC, and Western Aus

Droid, Beau Foster, D Shea, and Creed McTaggart rip fun waves around the globe.


Firing Lowers and Fun Newport

This is a clip from the past couple swells we had here in Orange County.


matt doheny

matt, droids older brother, has been shooting some rad stuff for quite sometime. check out some of his work at his blog, Doho's Corner
Ford in a light tube


Ford and Mark, Crippled.

Ford broke his ankle surfing in Mexico and his roommate Mark tore his ACL playing soccer. We got two cripples living under the same roof. While they are rehabbing, here is some footage of Ford and Mark before they hurt themselves.


Has Metal Jimmy Lost His Mind?

No, Metal's mind is still there, and it is in fine form. Jimmy Pitts is definatly one of the most unique and comical characters on planet earth, so much in fact, we are not sure if he is even from planet earth. Not to mention, he friken rips at surfing . Check out a day in the life of Metal Jimmy and the boys around Newps.