I landed in Ireland 2 days ago where I quickly fell in love with the fast paced city life of Dublin. There is so much to be seen and only so many photos my camera will hold. I must have shot over 300 photos the past couple of days, I felt like a flippin tourist haha, ohh wait. I stayed at this awesome hotel called the Gresham that was located right on the main strip. Fun stuff, I wish I could put up all the photos I took but I don't want to be a donkey. Here are a just few of my favorite photos from my Dublin experience. I'm heading to the country next, I'll probably be going through some culture shock but hopefully I will be able to get some waves... I hear talk of a good swell coming so I'm hoping for the best!
enjoy! kyle

Flight into Ireland

This is a view of Dublin city from this old ghetto castle window,
 you can see the famous "spire" in the horizon, front and center, 
its a vertical spike that stands 360 feet tall. Neat.

My hotel, The Gresham

Me enjoying tea and the best scone ever!

The bustling streets of the city

Looking up at the Spire from ground zero

Dublin has some of the most amazing
architecture I have ever seen. Here are
a couple of cool buildings.

Trinity College, so cool!!! And yes, there are hot girls in Ireland!

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