just a sample


Age: 18
Hobbies, besides surfing: thinking and looking
Loves: pirates, beer, babesHates: sharks
Views on the world: everything is a mess
Music: goons of doom, iggy, the clash
Inspirations: bank robbers
Favorite word:sonk
Travels: indo, mex,j apland, oz, europe, ca
Favorite Plant: venus fly trap
Favorite Coffee: french roast with hazelnut creamer
Favorite Wave: 54th st. newport
Favorite Movie: wedding singer


Age: 19
Hobbies, besides surfing: cycling, capturing images, golfing, paint, traveling, mingeling, being weird
Loves: girls,  coffee, the ocean, animals, art, clothes, LA, alaias, helping bums, drinking games, movies, funny youtube videos, winter, awkward people
Hates: mean people, old people driving, bad haircuts, naps, hangovers, huntington beach in the summer time
Views on the world: Save the planet! 
Music: Electro shit: Daft Punk, MSTRKRFT, Digitalism, 
Inspirations: flight of the conchords
Favorite word: neat
Travels: Australia, Tavarua, Indo, Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, New York
Favorite Plant: the coffee tree 
Favorite Coffee: A strong Kona blend coffee with lots of vanilla creamer.
Favorite Wave: Cloud Break, Fiji
Favorite Movie: Grandma's Boy


Age: 16 sometimes 20  
Hobbies: chillin at Al Cappuccino with all the boyz, doing art
Loves: surfing, bagels, Hollywood, celebrities, people that make fun of my tight jeans  
Hates: mean people, raised trucks, puffy shoes, white sun glasses  
Views on the world: too much war  
Music: dyslexic speed readers  
Inspirations: dirt nasty bAtch, Chad "Tito" Towersey  
Favorite word: palatial regalia  
Travels: Indo, Hawaii, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Peru, Fiji, France,  
Favorite Plant: Christmas tree  
Favorite Coffee: Al Cappuccino house blend with vanilla creamer  
Favorite Wave: 56th St. Newport on a west swell. shhhhhh  
Favorite Movie: The Notebook

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