The 9th Day of August

Around six am I heard a pounding on my window, I looked over to find Tom Carrey trying to wake me up to come do tow ats with him and Dave Post. As I got out of bed, naked for some reason, I threw on some clothes, grabbed the first board in sight and stumbled into Tom’s car with Kyle. Meanwhile Ford was somehow MIA from last night’s adventures… After downing by far the worst ever gas station coffee along with a massive bottle of powerade I was finally feeling ready to do some fly aways.  We arrived at DMJ’s, found a sick little peak, and enjoyed some fun waves. After surfing and grinding the worlds biggest meal from Del Taco, Kyle and I decided to go check out the latest vibes over at Fashion Island. We saw some fantastic clothing items; ahem, Volcom of course, haha. Now we are going to go ocean sledding. What a fantastic day!


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