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The Final Day of the Lowers Comp
I ventured down to the Lowers froth festival on its final day of action. I arrived early to try to get some tasty waves before the contest started only to find that there were about 300 other people with the same idea, of course, its Lowers what was I thinking right. After multiple near death experiences and some enjoyable waves I got out of the water and snacked on some trail mix just in time to watch the first heat of Round 4 paddle out. I guess I'll talk about Slater and Dane since those are the only two surfers anyone cares about, oh and Rob. It was Rob vs. Dane in the 4th heat of Round 4, it was a slow heat that in the end required a restart due to lack of waves! Dane ended up victorious, launching 3 sick airs in less than 20 minutes! Slater was bald and ripping as usual. Slater had a shocker in the semi-final claiming that he suffered a cut to his arm and a buckled nose on his first wave...nice cover up Slates. You cant admit that Fanning beat you out right? The final was not all that amazing, Fanning was killing it but Dane was suffering from intense cramping and dehydration before his heat, rumor has it that he even had to be hooked up to an intravenous drip before his first final in his WCT career. Bummer!
- KK

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