Tiny Houses, by Mimi Zeiger, expresses the simplistic lifestyle of living less inside your house and more in nature. All of these houses are less than 1,000 square feet and designed to be environmentally and economically friendly. 

"Architect Andreas Wenning called his 119-square-foot steel-framed tree house Between Magnolia and Pine. It's near Osnabruck, Germany."

"The Nomad Home is assembled from prefabricated modules, including a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Extra rooms, a garage and a terrace are add-ons."

"Another extreme high-concept design ditches the concept of living in a home altogether. The Walden by Nils Holger Moormann is essentially a 12.5-by-3-foot toolbox outfitted with a fire cauldron, gardening tools, a picnic table, even a retractable awning — all that one would need to live the simple life outdoors. The ladder leads to a cushioned open-air platform for sleeping."

Side view of "The Walden"

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