Barrels, Boards, and Beers

This weekend was fantastic! We had great waves, beautiful weather, and I had a new camera.
Here are some photos documenting a wonderful afternoon at Andrew's palatial pad!
(click to enlarge the photographs)

Ford's lunch
 I'm a geek...
Ford doodling on his stick, still rocking his 21 and over wristband hahah
Carl Steindler cruised over and showed us this 1970s Polaroid he just got
Ford Archbold, now riding for Andrew Doheny surfboards, watching his new sled come to life
Andrew got 4 fresh blanks which means his side yard is now a giant shaping room...everyone wants to try his shapes
The day was brought to an end with a majestic sunset that we observed from the ocean during our final session of the day

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