Santa Cruz: part five

This man's name is Neff, he shapes amazing surfboards with tools that he improves himself. He is really into doing different things with surfboards and does some art as well. In the background is his surf shop in Davenport, by far the sickest little shack ever in this little tiny town! In this photo he is trying to revive Droid's first board he shaped known as the Orville, which ford was going to ride in his heat but unfortunately snapped the day before the comp. Check out his website ::HERE::
I literally can't stand the vibe at contests... everybody is talking about how sick their new boards are, how hard they have been training, and how many turns they did yesterday. I had to wonder off and create my own little zone of peace. This is a little rock stack that I made that represents the balance of the universe. -KK
This is our friend Quinn. We are calling him mountain man for the following reasons: he drove up here in his $1000 new Mazda 2 door, he has been sleeping in his car, and is just fucking awesome. I snapped a shot of him brushing his teeth mountain man style, jug of water and all.
Ford's newest style... fuck he's copying a paper bag, oh darn. 
Modern Collective premiere... We literally don't remember one second from this film. If you saw us there then you know what we're talking about... Sorry for any fucked up shit that we said or did...

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