Stage 2

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The drive from Huntington Beach to Newport. The smoke stacks are taking a day off, thats always a great sight to see...

Its funny how many people have been amping on these things. Droid's shaping has been improving board by board. Up till now he has been using nothing but a hand planer and some sanding tools. This is a stick made for little Tyler Gunter, 9 year old shredder from Newport, ya NINE YEARS OLD! The kid rips.

Electric planer. Do you remember Nef? We met him while we were in Santa Cruz, he is a surfer, shape, artist, who owns a rad little surf shop up in Davenport, he is probably one of the sickest dudes we have ever met! He hooked Droid up with a planer that he customized himself along with a ton of other shaping tools! Thanks Nef, your the man! Check out his ::SITE:: he has some sweet stuff on it

More tools, customized by Nef.

These funky looking shapes are the key to making consistent outlines. A lot harder than it looks folks.

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