Swimming Boners

today was the the first day of the pro jr in santa cruz, me, ford, kyle, and miles woke up early and as we were getting our coffee we decided to look at the newspaper and this was on the front cover, yeah, that didn't make us very comfortable considering they had to move the contest up north to one of the sharkiest waves on the coast. but thats what you have to be pre3pared for in santa cruz, freezing ass cold water, scary locals and enormous great white sharks! 3 days ago i was doing a little work out with ian carnes for the usa team and right after i came in me and him looked at the line up and saw a reallly large sea animal, it couldnt have been a dolphin cuz it wasnt arched like a dolphin.. i was pretty sure it was a shark because it had that strait hard boner look to it as it torpedoed through a wave 20 feet off shore.. really safe stuff and we only have a couple more days of chumming through the line ups of santa cruz.

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