Women's Final at the Cold Water Classic

FF >> 5:15

Mike Doheny is one of the most serious "bad shark movie film buffs" I have ever met in my life. This is a clip from one of those terrible shark movies that he has been in to lately: so fake, so unrealistic, so AWESOME!

After viewing this the funny comments followed as such:
- So thats what happened to Eric Gieselman's girlfriend
- S.A.G.S. Sharks Against Girls Surfing
- Thats why they don't have a girl's division at the Cold Water
Thats all I got, feel free to add your own if you got a good one.


  1. ......The sharks are attracted to their menstrual cycles

  2. hahah, u can never go wrong with an anchorman quote!

  3. wtf! haha sharks rocks...they dont hurt people!! they just eat people! hahaha

  4. One of the greatest bad shahk movies ever...dun dun dun dun. sharks are people too, but shahks eating BROs is bad

  5. how are pink floyd and dale earnheart alike?

    the wall was their last hit!