Philosophical Bullshit

I haven't been much of a reader so far in my life but then again I don't think I have ever come across such an interesting concept in my high school reading adventures. I was required to read this short novel by Dostoevsky for my humanities class this fall; it struck me as an amazing, mind altering piece of literature. I'm not going to get too into it because I doubt none of you care or have already stopped reading this post haha. He displays the lifestyle and views of "the underground man" who Dostoevsky believes is a part of all of us. The Underground Man is a preserver of the previous century's culture and believes that the events in one's life occur in a linear, planned fashion. Dostoevsky satirizes these beliefs through this character: he constantly complains about the mundaneness of his life but is unable to change his friends, job, and direction, and in turn blames others for his unhappiness. He claims freedom but is imprisoned by himself. I think that Dostoevsky wanted to show that most humans are not able to express feeling correctly and instead they hold everything in and release it through emotion. The Underground Man encourages people to stay in their "mouse hole" or stay in their comfort zone, stay on a straight path, don't risk anything, love, personal goals, or dreams; don't even try because you might get hurt emotionally. I think Dostoevsky is using this dude as an example of what not to be and encourages his audience to exercise freedom, even if you fail at love, life, dreams; just give it another go, there are always more options to living than being boring. Life is not linear, it is very random, plans get fucked up so just roll with it. I don't know, I'm kind of rambling I guess. Go :: read it :: if you want... I just received a collection of his short works for christmas, stoked! I know this is kinda a random post, idk, I guess I'm just excited I finally found something that I enjoy reading... kk

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  1. You should read his book 'Crime and Punishment'. Long but good.