Its dead right... wrong! I was tripping out when I saw this article on asbe-surf.com (Action Sports Business Europe) that claimed, "rumours suggest 'Champions Surf Tour' [Rebel Tour] is ON for 2010"! I thought after that whole thing that went down in Spain during the Mundaka comp meant no more Rebel Tour, guess not... heres the nuts and bolts:

-16 surfers allowed on tour
-9 total events, including a championship event, held between September and December 2010
-Any surfers participating in the Rebel tour, aka Champion Surf Tour (CST) will, "be ineligible to compete on the ASP tour"
-Surfers signed up: Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Andy Irons, Bruce Irons, Ry Craike, Rob Machado, Taj Burrow, Shane Dorian, Mitch Coleborn, Clay Marzo
-$125,000 to the winner and $25,000 minimum winnings.
-Travel, accommodations, and insurance expenses will be covered as well as a per diem for each surfer

Pretty fascinating stuff! I don't know, that sounds like its on to me. Have any of you guys out in webland heard of anything. Check out the rest of the article ::HERE::

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