Australian Days

Our Australian adventures are nearing their final days... This place has been grand to us, apart from the waves being complete and utter shit, it turns out this is like the worst time to go to Aus for waves. But then again its not like we came here to grind out practice heats and prepare for the next Pro Jr. comp; our journey was primarily focused on having fun and keeping killer vibes. I would conclude that this has been the most fun, productive yet unproductive trip of our lives. Here are a few photographs from some events that have occurred over the last few days.
Riley filming for his first music video with Matt Van Schie and his girlfriend. He is almost done with the clip, its looking pretty rad so far!

Another beautiful Australian sunset. Riley getting risky along with Matt O'brien both taking their cameras into the sea to get just the right shot.


Our car broke down on our way to one of the most important photo shoots of our lives. Great luck. Riley rocking too much denim for one man...

Paparazzi getting a piece of the action, Ford pulling a high school prom maneuver on us.


  1. words cannot describe how jealous i am of the girl in the last picture

  2. haha i can't imagine how jealous i'd be if it was kyle in the last picture :D

    the sunset shots are dope. gotta love aussie

  3. haha nopppe not even, if it was andrew. all your photos are sick