Favorite December Photographs

December is such a rad time of year.... darn man, I cant believe that 2009 has already come and gone. Crazy. Well, hopefully everyone had a fun New Years eve; here are a couple photographs from the past couple of weeks that you dudes and dudets might like. Wish we had shots from New Years Eve to post for you guys but we shot film the whole night... It'll be developed some time next week for sure, that stuff takes a little time but its worth it.

Just a couple of stoked groms snaking Teddy Navarro's broken stick out of the shore break.

It has been snowing foam dust at the Doheny residence this December, heres a shot of Droid attempting to wipe off the solid 3 inches of foam from his sled.

I like these kinds of shots, when you place your camera against something and get a weird out of focus foreground. The famous side yard.

Same deal, interesting prospective of a tree, leaves changing from green to yellow to red and eventually dying.

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