First Psychedelic Australian Images

Australia: day one - Depart LAX at 10:38 PM January 10, 2010. Arrive Sydney 8:14 AM January 12, 2010... this is the day that followed.

Our mate Riley Blakeway picking us up from the airport ready to navigate the Australian coast.

We had to stop off for some coffs. Ford enjoying his gay ice blended, triple frappe, banana, vanilla expresso, totally!

Kyle likes his coffee black... like his women

Riley in his bikini...... jk, its his signature singlet. I think he's going to trade mark this thing soon.

Warping through the time-space continuum.

Arrival at Riley's residence. Hey dude, check out these new trunks... they're so rad.

Ding repair = wax. <3>

Getting the sticks ready for a shred... no ho-dads
Ford and Riley training hard!

Beer goggles!

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