Home, No Waves, Lots of Snow!

I guess while we were gone there were back to back to back epic swells... or at least that is what any good friend would tell you after you get home from a two week shocker in Australia. We come home to find disgusting, freezing water and shitty waves, perfect timing, Australia is probably going off now that we left... rad. It was an exciting trip nonetheless. Anyways, we decided to take a trip up to the mountains today to try to go shred some slopes. We had some good times and plenty of kooky wipeouts, it was a blast!
photographs by ford.

Sun rising as we climb the mountain.

New style... regular clothes with a Ja Rule jacket over it! Don't worry we didn't go snowboarding looking like this.

Chair lift and orange rope... exciting.

Highest point in Southern California... I think it was around 12,000 feet. Cool.

After shred coffee! Kyle and his new friend!

Sunset as we make our way back to Newport Beach.

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