Pseudo Intellectual Hipsters

Iron Chef Blakeway making yet another culinary creation. Riley has been obsessed with cooking for us, he has cooked almost every meal this trip. We've been keeping it pretty healthy too besides the mass quantities of booze.

Waiting for the train at the Sydney station. We have been consistent with our eco-friendly transportation this trip by taking trains, busses, and walking. We will probably end up driving when the waves pick up but since its flat we have kinda just been hanging in the city and Bondi.

Ford looking really sober along with his new friend. Cruising at Riley's friends place before going out. This night we ended up at some place known as the cross, I think. Fun and different experiences.

GOON... this stuff is bad news. Basically really cheap wine that will make you want to die the next morning.

We've had some pretty rad opportunities this trip. Here we are on the set of Taj's new clothing line. Clothes were looking pretty rad. Riley was shooting a video for the photo shoot so we just got to hang out and talk with taj and the models. Love this fashiony junk.

Finally remembered to take some shots of the club scene. Us and some pals having a good ol' time getting freaky. We aren't old enough to go out back home so this has been quite the experience. Riley knows all the best spots, he's been a rad club navigator for us this trip!

Elevated shot of people having fun.


  1. Looks like you had a good bday mate, see you on the 26th.
    Hope you catch some waves and get some photos/footage too!

  2. WAT the fuck IS Pseudo Intellectual Hipsters???????

  3. "Kings Cross" I remeber ending up there one with three girls, we all went to a live sex show and they all gave me a hand job and BJ's while we watched the show.....it was epic...RUSSO

  4. Sydney f-ing cranks! Live it up while you can!