Arts and Crafts

Somehow fine art has managed to find its way into the Slob Layer and is miraculously remaining unscarred. Jeremy was incredibly cool and hooked us up with a couple of his pricy pieces displayed in the first shot right above Andrew's first masterpiece. Droid loves to doodle whether its on his boards, desk, wall, passed out friends; this time he decided to do it on a canvas for a change and I thought it turned out pretty rad. As you guys don't know, because we have been bogging on posts, Droid is currently in Western Samoa on a radical surfing extravaganza with a bunch of gnarly surfers including Ozzie Wright, one of our personal favorites. Hopefully Droid is having a blast with all the hot Samoan girls over there... and getting a couple fun waves as well.



  1. Duuude art is soo sick.. I'm hammered and am checkin your blog. Good lick with the somoan girls droid! Does this mean I can have the blonde? Fuckk yeah boys! Yeww

  2. the second piece is fine... id hang that above the TV in any house I live in... laughin at the haters with ya RV