a week full of RADNESS !!

well since we've all been home we had some rad times full of fun and creativity.
its been cool, not much waves though witch always sucks but i guess it gives us some time to do things other than surf alllllday, heres some pics of the latest adventures of the 3 slobs and more….enjoy

this is RS, he works for wave tools and we cruz like almost everyday workin on boards and shaping together and stuff, he lets me shape in the wavetools shaping bay, were the magic happens…
heres a little stuby board i made for shreding, works pretty sick !
last night it was our buddy miles's bday, hes 20 now so we had some peeps over, as you can see the older guy vern was the life of the party…
pick a winner dude ya!
shit art, yeeww sick !
uhhhhhhh sick
me and VERN

uh oh newport is catching up to ford
the begining of everday, ALCAP…

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