The end of Austraila. and soon to be the begening of the east coast

auz was very very fun, that place is radical ! i got home yesterday and left to florida this morning. lots of travling ! crazy stuff..

arrrrggghh blond quiky grom ! nah just kidding, thats jackie
robertson, he's the best 12 year old in the world in my eyes, he
blows his tail out and does airs
putting hot chicks on your blog is trendy and over done
a better trend



  1. Where you at in florida?

  2. surfing, shaping, now storytelling? a man of many skills

  3. andrew fucked those three chicks too

  4. ok the stories are cool, but dont over do it

  5. Its interesting to get a sense of what surfing snapper is like through your eyes. But I am curious if you proof read your stories. "Hollow" not "hallow", "through" not "threw", the list goes on but I'm sure you get the point. Being a traveler means you have stories humans want to hear. I recommend reading some books. You'll learn bigger words (and how to spell them) and reading some of the great authors helps to tell your own stories. It is like watching the way one of the surfers you look up to sets his line. Creating for yourself better flow and better style. Start with "the alchemist" by Coelho and anything by Herman Hesse, go from there. I would imagine you are smarter and more observant than this little narrative seems to suggest.
    The gift of education should not be wasted

  6. I love your stories Andrew! A few mistakes is fine, keep writting them!!

  7. that guy whos correcting you needs an education on life he obviously has noo sense of fun and probably plays world of craft or whatever it is all day if he were serious he would put his name but no hes just another nerd who has nothing better to do sorry for you guy hope u get a better education on having a good laugh
    btw the kebabs could possibly have been the best thing ever in aus still missing them
    good times droid


  8. i don't think the "nerd" was dissing him....c'mon dude. a balance between fun and sophisticated is always better than full time moron

    hope u get that droid

  9. hey don't hate on nerds ball! you know i take that personally!

    RE: andrew's grammar and spelling -
    I understand where your coming from but thats just andrew's style and its symbolic of who he is as a person... you can either look at it and be like, hey thats wrong or look at it in the light of, say E.E Cummings (a grammatically incorrect poet) and chalk it up to his style of writing. Remember it is easy for for andrew, ford or myself to go in and change his spelling and grammar but we choose not to because it takes away from how raw his work is. I think it actually adds a little something to the story, but maybe im bias. I agree with the reading though! Everybody should quit watching TV and read a flippin book!

  10. i konw haw two speel !!! im fery fery smort ! i like lamp.

    -angrew dohini

  11. hey whats wrong with those chicks slobs you know you'd hit it after having BUNCH drinks in you! one has big tits:)

  12. haha Jack robbo. West Oz kids are starting to shine through