Starting off the weekend right

Everything has been grand in good old Orange County lately. There has been a fierce surf-off taking place in Huntington Beach (go Andrew!) but besides that the weather is nice, waves are eh, tons of beautiful women flocking to the beach, and rad little events including these below.

If you don't know by now this is RS, the most stoked dude on the face of the earth, leader of Wave Tools surf boards! Getting interviewed for Fuel about his new board design, the Avatard...

We were walking from the surf bash on south side of the Huntington Beach pier up Main Street to go get some lunch and low and behold there was an awesome old school car show taking place... these cars were all really nice.

Ford has a new room mate, Hazel. She is very pretty and outgoing. Her hobbies include slithering, eating mice, and being awesome.

Little shed filled with art at the Commune party on Friday night. Rad event dudes!

My personal favorite piece of the night considering I worship Daft Punk and love centaurs!