lovely australia has been good to me ! well exept the fact i cant go surfing with out getting burned by a toe head quiksilver grom or a roxy chick !

i just got to auz the other day and its been sick so far, i eat may to many meat pies though, and get cut off everywave, but yeah its rad, i think they should call this place FRAT city, everyone seems to really likes beer here, its kinda scary, annnnnnnnnways the contest just ended for today, it looks crowded as shit, mm im ganna go ride the displacment hull and cut off every chick surfer and little quiky grom i can, wish me luck!

f*ck you chris cote
fu*k you again
and fu-k u some more
dont eat meat pie


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  1. You know that board works better with the reverse pintail.