Surf Bash!

Photographs from the surfing match that took place on the southern side of the Huntington Beach pier! Thanks for the photographs ::Jeremy::

Andrew talking to RS, the man, the myth, the legend!

Surfing boards and a surfing festival!

Girls who are lying about their age...

Everyone is stoked!
Ford and his hair....


  1. Who is that kid that isnt ford or droid? hes really weird looking... almost starved and deformed facially...

  2. If you mean Kyle...he's hot! You don't have a clue what guys today look like.....just cause they're not "roided" out doesn't mean their not hot. Looks like a model and most models are not bulked up. duh

  3. Droid was Ripping!

  4. kyle makes me want to cream all over my face hes so fucking hot like a bone riddled dream so hot want to feel those ribs to watch him not be able to put any power into his turns so much skinny sex hotness

  5. and ford... and andrew...

  6. lol at the second anon....yeah, being skinny is cool and hip/artsy...stfu I can imagine what you look like...maybe a lil glitter, razor randomly waved through your hair to keep it "indie", shit ton of make up and probably some leggings. yeah!