So, it was Spencer Regan's 21st birthday on Monday night / Tuesday morning at 12:00 am. Needless to say, we had to make the drive up there and celebrate. Overall it was a splendid evening filled with beautiful women, booze, cake fights, dancing, and for some of us sheer blackness and alcohol induced memory loss. Enjoy some photos from the party. Your the man Spencer! Have fun touring with Timmy in the East! Yewwww!
Monday night is the new saturday night. Shot of the back yard.
Post cake fight. Spencer can finally consume alcohol!
Robot music + girls + laser beams = happy Kyle. Myles, Spencer, Kyle


  1. I know Kyle is trying to be trendy or artsy or whatever. But that buttoned up shirt makes him look like a fucking dork

  2. agreed, lose the geek attack and just keep it clean

  3. word on the street is that kyle is actually gay..... or at least thats what ford tells everyone

  4. like omg! fashion police. fuckin kooks. good to see you kids having fun with your lives instead of talking shit on the internet.