Jeremy just added another camera to the quiver for the making of our film.

Underwater Super 8!

We are super stoked on this super 8 camera. One of our goals for this film is to incorporate as many cameras as possible and with this new addition we are certainly on our way to getting some diverse looking footage. We had some good waves in Newport this weekend so we decided to use a couple rolls of super 8 and see how it looked. Remember this stuff is expensive! We are going to have to hold a 3SLOBS bake off or something to raise funds for the developing of this film, haha. Seriously.


  1. your ARE the tightest shit i ever seen.


  2. wrong wrong wrong. the Eumig Nautica only does 18fps... you want at least 24fps (preferably 32fps) like all other super8 cameras have. instead of getting one of those, i just used my normal ones and wrapped them in seran-wrap. regular motion just doesn't look good when your filming in the water.

    see here:


  3. That camera works sick... shot tons of stuff with it, transfered to mini DV and no probs... Although I have broke three of them. Gotta be super careful, especially if the waves are a bit on the heavy side.