work ethic

today was sick, kyle finally had a break from his algebra 19947497 calculus and got to hang out with me and ford, i woke up, got a coffee and a baggel then we all went surfing, it was full of rip tides but still fun. then we hungout, then ate, then hungout again, then went surfing again, came in, ate again, and now were sitting down, were playing guitar, kyle is drinking a beer, and miles and adam lambert are on the computer.. oh yeah i acually had tutoring ! i know surprising huh. anyways, were ganna keep hangin.. keepin it busy.. 
i shaped this board and rode it in my heat at the lowers comp

RS . the owner of WAVETOOLS, "tomorrow is the past of the future that never ends."

i handshaped ford an epoxy, it was really hard…..funny story, so ryan hussy (my ghost shaper) shaped ford a board, put his heart and soul into it. ford rode it and his response was, it was slow, unresponsive, stiff, and hurt his feet? he was super stoked with his feed back and quit shaping for good. sick thanks ford i have no more ghost shaper



  1. more like woke up surfed at 10am. ford 11am. slackers!

  2. hey andrew, shape me a board, how much?

  3. saw you at lowers droid
    pretty sick
    goodluck at semis

  4. you rode a JS the whole time and I don't care if you claim to have shaped it unless your being taught by AL himself there is no way that board number ten could be that terrible and those could be that good,I think a machine came in to play