3 SLOBS x Riley Blakeway x Party Theft

Pretty little Riley Blakeway has been our friend since the good ol’ days spending his summers in California, surfing the North Side Kiddie bowl together in Huntington Beach, and cruising at the Doheny residence ever since we were all of twelve years old. Through out the years he has evolved into one of the most progressive filmmakers, pretentious pseudo intellectual hipster, and a gentleman with a way with words the American women cannot resist. Needless to say we have a blast together when he is in town. This time we finally decided to collaborate and get some work done! Over the past week or so we have been getting in the water and doing our best not to bog too hard in front of Riley. This is the result of our shit house surfing talents, Blakeway’s up-to-the-minute editing steez, and our good friend/rock star Big Cat, aka Party Theft, killing it on the microphone… and we did it all for you!


KK - It’s definitely not a rare occurrence for you to grace us with your presence in America. What brought you here this time?

RB – I was out here making a California part for the film Chippa Wilson and I are working on. He’s in Bali for a week so I decided to take a little break and hang at the Doheny’s.

KK - How do the rich little Newport Beach girls like your Aussie accent?

RB – Ahhh… they liked it at first but it turns out that Newport is just as small as any other town… I think I’m leaving at a good time hahah. I started to get barred near the end of the trip due to sleazy rumors. They’re not true I swear. (Riley carries around a sheet of paper with all his numbers on it since he doesn’t have a phone… kind of a dead give away since every square inch of paper is filled up with girls numbers written with everything from pen and pencil to eyeliner and lipstick.)

KK - You got to celebrate your 21st birthday here; do you have any interesting stories?

RB – I think the funniest story I have from my 21st is the fact that Chippa and I hired a Cadillac Escalade, a suite at the Hardrock Hotel for two nights, and bought copious amounts of alcohol before the 91 Freeway oil spill disaster sent us straight back to Newport. Was still epic, no big deal, we celebrated my birthday till the day I left.

KK - Your style is pretty cutting edge and a bit ahead of its time especially here where we have some sever lag time. Anybody make fun of your clothes?

RB – From the fraternity guys calling me a fagot at the gayest bar of all time [Sharkies] to Dusty Payne asking if there was toilet paper hanging off the back of my shirt, I don’t think I can leave the house with out someone commenting on my attire. I love it though; I just got a haircut resembling something of a Star Trek character (I think it looks like Spock).

KK - What’s the inspiration behind your new hair cut?

RB – Jack Robinson, that kid is so hip he doesn’t even know it. He’s way before his time.

KK - What’s next for Mr. Blakeway?
RB – Cippa’s film. Right now pretty much all of my time is being devoted to a six month Analog film project with my good friend Chippa Wilson. We’re pretty much cruising around the world having the time of our lives and documenting it. He’s surfed some of the most progressive waves I’ve ever seen in stunning, culturally diverse locations.


  1. Best interview I ever read

  2. Aaah, cruising the world documenting whats going on, sounds like a pretty sweet setup! nice work

  3. Sick! Good to know there are other darrels out there...

  4. cool video, cool footage, cool everything BUT...


  5. that video was pretty sick, kyle you actually looked like you might know how to surf after the numerous other shit videos where you're digging rail and doing credit card airs. This one you were actually doing some sick turns and airs...impressed.

  6. this songs been stuck in my head since you posted this

  7. http://www.3slobs.com/2010/06/spending-days-in-ocean.html

    credit card airs?
    dumb slut

  8. like I said before...every video on here of kyle before has been credit card airs and stupid shit until this one you dipshit. Those are obviously photos...do you not understand the difference between photos and video. Not only that...those photos were posted only a day or two before the video meaning that the footage was probably shot before the photos. What I was saying is kyle was actually ripping in that video and it was a compliment in a roundabout sort of way. Now if you could remove your mouth from Kyle's balls that would be great.