Question and Answer Friday

Only a couple days left folks, get your questions in!


  1. Whoops my quesiton comment is up on the post above this

  2. how did you guys meet

  3. Dear Mr. Doheny, How did you go about pursuing a career in professional surfing?

  4. what are each of your hidden talents?

  5. blonde or brunette?
    who was your first kiss?
    ever tag team?
    who got laid first?
    what are your sponsors expectations?
    do tight pants reduce your sperm count?
    what's your favorite color?
    droid, you ever been slapped by tai? kaiborg?
    who's the best underground newport ripper?
    best surf blog?
    tell us something we don't know...

  6. how many is too many for ford?

  7. are you guys inviting everyone to your party during us open???

  8. i saw andrew kissing some chick at the us open last year at an autograph signing.. does his girlfriend approve of that

  9. Most money out of the three?
    Favorite surf spot, not named five-four.
    favorite beer? cologne?

  10. the coolest person youve ever met?
    the weirdest fan experience youve had?

  11. -dane or jordy?
    -beachbreaks or pointbreaks (rogue wedges maybe)? (yes i stole it from BS!)
    - is it acceptable to drink a few brewskies at 7 am before paddling out or is that just a sign of alcoholism?
    - why are girls with accents so much hotter than most american chicas?
    - how much tail do you guys actually pull? or at least desperate girls willing to do anything for you? (i recently came to the realization that girls are just as horny, if not hornier, than guys...)
    - Is Dane going to have a cult following by 2012?
    - did you know that meg whitman hasnt voted for over 25 years?
    - im too drunk to list some more, but these will do for now

  12. Who sleeps in the middle when the 3 of you are in bed sleeping at night?

  13. are the acai smoothies at al cap any good

  14. I am looking for a place to rent, can I be a 4th slob? I boogie-board, & sometimes I get so pitted.

  15. ford, hey i dont know how to get ahold of you because i didnt get ur # that night, but...

    Im pregnant.