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I know this isn't a video of Mark 'Cutback' Davis so I apologize to those of you that think the world revolves around surfing. I witnessed a grand speech at the Occupy movement / 2011 Mario Savio activists award ceremony back in November on my campus but was disappointed when I couldn't find a recording of it online. However, I was fishing around on the internet today and finally came across it so I figured I should toss it into the blog-o-sphere for approval or distaste. Either way, this man, Josh Healey, made a great speech that evening and it will be interesting to see how his participation in human rights and social justice will play out. Enjoy, Kyle.


  1. Wow! You are so intellectual Kyle.

  2. Kyle,

    Great post... and you know what? you are totally right! It is not the least bit fair that I have to walk into a surf shop and pay MSRP (Manufacturer's suggested retail price) for my surfboards, clothes, wetsuits, fins, wax... when you and your buddies get all the top of the line surf stuff shipped to your front door FREE of CHARGE... why are you guys so special that you get those things for free and I have to pay full price? It really sucks that I have to go to work 8 hrs a days and spend my hard earned money on items that you and your buddies get for free? Again, why do you get free surfboards, free clothes, free wetsuits and free wax and I have to pay full price?

    1 of the 99% of surfers.

  3. Great input. I know many of my friends spend their entire lives working hard to be professional athletes and lots of time they really deserve what they get for their hard work; however, there is indeed a political side as well, some do not deserve nearly what they get. Its hard to overgeneralize this concept to sports and I think a good rebuttal would be simply that pro golfers get a lot of free shit while those who golf for a hobby do not. I am a bit confused why you would point this at me... I held three simultaneous jobs last year and I am a full time student.

  4. Hai "why are you guys so special that you get those things for free and I have to pay full price" Well its becuase u fkin suck at surfing, kook.

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