Top 5 comments on our STAB write up !

And the winners are :
5. FRED:I shouldn't say we r pissed off about them. But show me anything original about these guys !!! As matter effect they look like something created by Disney, like the Jonas Brother of surfing or something.... that's a good definition for them. Thanks for the same old bullshit !!! ORIGINALTY PLEASSEEE !!!

4. WHO CARES: all these kids claim to be different, but they all wear tight blacks pants, smoke ciggs, have blogs, rock v necks, weird haircuts, and cheap shoes. who the fuck doesn't have a blog these days!?!?!

3. DONT READ STAB: this is absolute shit. They are fucking droids alright.
This is art-choc-anal-pound-wank to finish off.

2. SOMETHING: about kyle looking like a ranga? don't know cant find it any more find it later it's classic!

1.NATO: usually like most of the stuff that get thrown up here. but this post was fucking shit and their blog is about as interesting as matt damon twitter updates.
I have to admit that picture of me drinking a frappacino is fucking lame!
sorry for any more fucked up comments that didn't make it !
f o r d .


  1. Pretty funny, fuck the aussies anyways. Who's original anyways these days. Pretty sure 90% of the aussie population is retarded, inbred or full blown alcoholics. Keep the shit coming, it's better than reading an andy irons blog.

  2. Hah, I read and enjoy your uninteresting, un-original, robotic blog and laugh my ass off. But what do I know. I'm not some bitter old fvck who feels the need to tell people to do something original. Life's simple...shred then find a way to rub up against human females. Besides, nobody mentioned the worst thing about the blog is the pics of dudes wearing indoor beanies. That's fvcking stupid.

  3. ahhh fuck 'em.. everyone loves the 3slobs

  4. Unfortunately some of the Aussies are still in the Cro-magnon state of development..
    Gotta love 'em!!!! Cause they do have cool accents & great surf.

    Although I love Mick Fanning, Taj, Dion and a couple of other hotties there!!

    Riley's shirts should be copyrighted and sold!!!

    Your blog rocks and the haters need to go to "pound town".....keep bringing it!

    It seems it does take a certain level of intelligence to enjoy the wit/sarcasm/satire and photo-journalism that you 3 seeem to be able to create!!!

    Don't let the knuckle-draggers take that away.....

  5. yaaa...Slobs are awsome.....Im from maui i saw a kid on RVCA today at this left called windmills...thought it was ford....i guess not

  6. i have literally never seen a blog like yours, its so fucking sick. fuck the haters they're just jealous because they can't get girls they're not young and can't surf as well as you guys.

  7. I crack up everytime I hear the "hater" comments here because it does take some effort to post a comment....."can't please all the people all the time!" and I say joke 'em if they can't take a fuck!
    keep it up mates!!

  8. If your blog doesn't piss people off, you are doing something wrong.

  9. they are funny posts, and most should be ignored but please note (to those ignorant) that Stab commentors are not 100% Australian.

    Regards, Another one of the 90% of the Retards in Australia.

  10. I thought that photo of the latte or whatever was pretty funny - mainly cause of the caption. Stab commenters didn't agree I guess. They're a fickle bunch.

    Sorry for bringing the heat to your blog. I still really love it.

    Mike J