update new zealand day 1, 2, and 3!

well, new zealand has been really fun this place is extremely beautiful.. we're staying on the beach at this spot called piha, a fun beach break, basically we've done nothing but surf allday and talk about girls and what not.. its been sick.. right now the rest of the USA team and I are sitting around, talking bullshit and waiting for round two to start. round one went good yesterday, everyone on the team made their heats! round two starts in about an hour and the waves are like 8 to 10 foot, stormy, and rainy. haha looks fun though, wish us luck!

sick hat !

me trying to fit in
there is more boards than this somehow

heres koloha.. his new nick name is courpro andino

photos by billy watts


  1. when are you signing with walmart?

  2. no it should be urban outfitters....droid's cooler than walmart

  3. droid seriously looks like he having hard time fitting in

  4. good luck driod. you're on surfing looks really good. bring home the the bling! JO

  5. good luck!!!
    i wanna that hat!!!
    from spain!