Light and Space

This was definitely my favorite piece form MOCA; therefore, I felt that it deserved its own special post with an explanation instead of just being lumped together with the other photos. From looking at the photo you might be thinking, what the fuck, thats not art... this kid is a kook. But that is what was most interesting to me about this work by Doug Wheeler. Rm. 669 (1969) was created during the light and space movement that involved other rad artists including Robert Irwin. Rm. 669 was focused on the experience of art: as you enter the room where this vacuum formed plexiglass is mounted you are required to remove your shoes for two reasons; one, the entire room is painted bright white so that way you do not mark up the floor and two, you feel the relaxing vibrations of the soft glowing light radiating off the strange figure on to the walls and envelope your entire body. With out your shoes off you are literally connected to this art work, you are not only surrounded by this light but you are existing in the space, feeling the experience through your feet and in turn your entire body. In this room I felt happier and more relaxed than I have felt in a long, long time and that is exactly what Wheeler strove for with this work; he wanted to give the viewer an experience that would effect them so greatly and have a lasting impression on their memory with with whatever sensation they experience from being inside of the room.

Rm. 669

Me looking like a total dork with my camera around my neck and my super hunky notepad in hand... ladies?


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  5. really more than 2 types: yes the girls and the haters but there's a lot of comments appreciating the mix of surf, art, music and the other crazy b.s. thrown in to this blog....one of the more entertaining one's i read. And it's not produced by some slick company but by the the 3 slobs themselves.....think about it

  6. just because we're girls doesnt mean we dont appreciate their surfing and art... they can be cute and talented at the same time. :)