Tubes Dudes!

Video is so lame... no video from now on! Just joshin with you! But honestly we are working on making a film so we are going to have to keep some junk hidden from you guys. Don't start crying, its going to be okay, we will put up a bunch of neat screen shots and once we get a rad little trailer going you will be the first ones to see it. Here are a few screen shots courtesy of Jeremy's new camera from a tubular session a few days ago. Enjoy!

Nothing better than driving to the beach on a frigid winter morning, hot coffs in hand, and knowing that you are going to pull up and see some shacks rolling through... best!

Bed Head

Professor Kennelly taking some time off school

"These Newport kids cant even make the drops out here!" -Sarge

All the boys rejoicing over the shack-tastic surf and lack of broken sleds

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  1. oh my god you have no idea how excited i am for this film what a great idea!!!!